The purpose of hymenoplasty (restoration of hymen) procedure is to ensure fresh bleeding in the vagina at the moment of sexual intercourse.

What is Hymenoplasty? 

A combination of hymen in Latin and “-plasty”, which means aesthetic operation, Hymenoplasty, one of the genital region aesthetic operations, is the operation done to restore the integrity of the hymen. 
Hymen is a socially important structure in many societies. Hymenoplasty, which is not compulsory for health purposes, is an aesthetic application. The operation is performed by “Obstetrician-Gynecologists”. 

How is Hymenoplasty done? 

Hymenoplasty is an operation that lasts about 30 minutes and can be done in hospital or clinic under general or local anesthesia depending on preferences and the scope of the operation. Hymenoplasty is normally done by using the Flap Method; if the operations like vagina tightening are also planned to be done together with hymenoplasty, the microsurgery method is used. 
The flap method is also called “Permanent Hymenoplasty”. With this method, the hymen is repaired totally. In the flap method, the hymen tissue is tried to be created by opening the normal vaginal mucosa; compared to “Temporary Hymenoplasty”, it lasts longer; there is no time limit; it remains undamaged until the first sexual intercourse to be had. The Permanent Hymenoplasty can be done minimum 4-6 weeks before the sexual intercourse. It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse throughout the healing process, and the procedures suggested by doctor must be followed carefully. 
In cases where quicker results are desired, “Temporary Hymenoplasty” is an option. For the temporary hymenoplasty that can be done until 1 to 10 days before the sexual intercourse, the microsurgery method is preferred. The operation period is shorter than the flap method. It is done preferably under local anesthesia. There is no healing period. In this method, the purpose is to ensure bleeding during the first sexual intercourse by sewing the region with microscopic strings.   

Who can have Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is an operation applicable to all women above 18 years of age, whose hymen has been torn in some way. Sexual intercourse is not the only time when the hymen is torn. Ingress of an object into the vaginal region, erroneous examination, masturbation, severe impact, sports accidents, or numerous other different reasons may cause hymen tear. Regardless of its reason, if it is possible to find remains of the hymen tissue, it is possible to repair torn hymen permanently, in early or late period. Since they no longer have hymen tissue, permanent hymenoplasty is impossible for the women who have had many sexual intercourses or delivered many children.

What are the Points to care after Hymenoplasty? 

Hymenoplasty is carried out with 2 different methods. The healing period after the permanent hymenoplasty is longer than temporary hymenoplasty. Since the temporary hymenoplasty is generally planned to a few days before the sexual intercourse, the points to care cover the process until the sexual intercourse. However, the healing process of the permanent hymenoplasty and the period for the points to care are longer. The purpose here is based on healthy existence of the repaired tissue for long years. 
After hymenoplasty, numerous physical activities must be limited throughout the first week. It is suggested giving a 7-10-day break to playing sports, heavy exercises, lifting heavy objects, and the activities that require opening the legs, such as gymnastics, ballet, etc. and resting as long as possible instead. At the end of the 7th day that follows the operation, light exercises can be started under doctor control. 
Strict following of your doctor's post-hymenoplasty care and cleaning suggestions will help a smooth healing process. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hymenoplasty and Their Answers

Among the comments posted for hymenoplasty, whether the operation could be noticed after the surgery tops the list of the most frequently asked questions. Hymenoplasty can never be noticed before and after the sexual intercourse. It can only be noticed during a specialist examination. It is impossible for the sexual intercourse partner to notice hymenoplasty. 
Another question from among the hymenoplasty comments: Does the repaired hymen function 100% successfully? In other words, does the repaired hymen bleed? Yes, hymenoplasty performed by a specialist is a 100% successful operation; and the hymen bleeds. 
Another question in need of answer, from among the hymenoplasty comments, whether it is possible to have hymenoplasty after abortion or within the menstrual period. In order to repair hymen, there must be no bleeding during the process. Therefore, it is possible to carry out hymenoplasty 10 days after the abortion or at the end of the next menstruation. Whatever the reason might be, hymenoplasty must be carried out absolutely in non-menstrual periods to meet the hygiene conditions fully. 
Is it possible to find out the reason of the hymen damage during the hymen check? It is not possible to tell the reason of the hymen damage; it is possible to find out after the check only whether it is intact or not. 
Another frequently asked question about hymen among the comments is whether the hymen can heal itself… The definite answer to this question is No. A damaged hymen cannot repair itself. The only cure is hymenoplasty. No drug or ointment can repair hymen. 

Hymenoplasty Prices

The hymenoplasty prices vary by operation technique, anesthesia type, surgeon, price policy of the clinic or hospital, and even the city or locale of that clinic or hospital.



Permanent Hymenoplasty Operation Treatment Summary

Operation Name Permanent Hymenoplasty

Hospitalization Duration

No need for hospitalization. The patient can be discharged the same day.
Operation Duration 30 minutes Duration for Returning to Work - Social Life Immediately
Anesthesia Type General- Spinal Full Recuperation Period 4 weeks
Convalescence Period 0-1 day Permanence of Results  Permanent

Temporary Hymenoplasty Operation Treatment Summary

Operation Name Temporary Hymenoplasty Hospitalization Duration No need for hospitalization. The patient can be discharged the same day.
Operation Duration 10-30 dakika İşe - Sosyal hayata dönüş süresi Immediately
Anesthesia Type Lokal- Genel- Spinal Ne zaman yapılmalı? It should be done 2-10 days before the sexual intercourse.
Convalescence Period No need Sonuçların kalıcılığı  Temporary

For restoration of hymen, it is unimportant when the individual lost her virginity and how many times she has had sexual intercourse. The hymen can be restored temporarily shortly before wedding and sexual intercourse. The hymen can also be restored permanently until the time of the sexual intercourse. The privacy is protected by keeping both the preliminary examination and the operation secret between the patient and the doctor.

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