What is Genital Bleaching by Chemical Means?

Genital bölge dokusunun östrojen hormonu duyarlı olmasından dolayı özellikle gebelik, doğum kontrol hapı kullanımı, güneşlenme, yaşlanma, hormonal bozukluk ve lazer/ağda/jilet kullanımı gibi dış etmenlerin etkisiyle bu alanın rengi koyulaşır. Genital bölgenin renginden ve görüntüsünde rahatsız olma, cinsel ilişki sırasında utanma ve özgüven kaybına sebep olur.

Genital Aging

Aging, menopause, multiparity, delivery traumas, excessive weight gain, excessive weight loss, smoking, hormonal disorders, and genetic factors may cause deflation, weakening, and prolapse of labia majora. With aging, the skin loses its elasticity. Additionally, due to decrease in their natural collagen and fat, the labia majora begin to become loose under the influence of gravity. The reasons like weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and normal delivery stretch and weaken the vaginal muscles.
Since the genital region is estrogen-sensitive, it becomes darker due to external factors such as pregnancy, use of birth-control pills, sunbathing, aging, hormonal disorder, and use of laser/wax/razor. This causes feeling uncomfortable with the color and appearance of the genital region, feeling ashamed during sexual intercourse, and loss of self-confidence.

What is Genital Bleaching by Chemical Means?

It is a bleaching method targeting the emergence of healthy skin in consequence of applying a number of special solutions on the skin. This is a smart peeling method applied with the help of enzymes without mechanical peeling of epidermis.

What are the Indications?

• Vulvar Laxity
• Perianal Laxity
• Atraumatic Biorevitalization
• Bleaching
Inguinal Region
Mons Pubis (Mons Venus)
Labia Majora
Perianal Region
Knees and Elbows

• Firming
Inguinal Prolapse-Looseness
Mons Pubis (Mons Venus)
Labia Majora
Perianal Region
Cracks on Knees and Elbows

What are the Advantages?

• Easy and Fast Application
• Firming
• Bleaching and Revitalization
• Reduced Hairing
• No Need for Injection
• Noticeable Effect even at the First Session

What are the ingredients of Solutions used in Chemical Bleaching?


Chloroacetic Acid

MCA(Monochloroacetic Acid/Chloroacetic Acid): An acid that is not much aggressive but rather effective on skin darkening. When mixed with a certain amount of urea peroxide, its acidic features decrease and its permanence increases. This mixture overcomes the epidermal barrier easily and safely without causing any harm and reaches the medium-deep dermis. When it reaches the medium-deep dermis, cellular enzymes abort the stabilization process and MCA is activated. Finally, the fibroblasts are stimulated, and the stretching effect is observed in the tissues.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is an organic acid obtained from fermented rice and used to treat cutaneous hyperchromia and melanogenic hyperactivity. It decreases melanin production by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme and creates a bleaching effect. Besides, it stabilizes MCA by increasing its penetration thanks to its structure.


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