Vaginal Tightening, Firming - Vaginoplasty

Vaginal Tightening, Firming - Vaginoplasty

The interiors and opening of the vagina may loosen due to aging, vaginal delivery, or bad recovery of delivery incision.

This loosening may cause complaints such as loss of sexual appetite, loss of sensation, vaginal noises, and vaginal flatulence. Such complaints may cause the woman to lose her self-confidence, and the couples to take no pleasure in sexual intercourse.
Luckily there are ways to fix this.
Surgical or non-surgical treatments can be applied depending on the patient's preference and the degree of vaginal looseness. 
Thanks to revolutionary technological advancements, safe, simple, painless, quick vaginal tightening and firming with instant results can be achieved by using Laser or Radio Frequencies. It is also possible to tighten muscles and tissues, remove excess vaginal tissue, and downsize the vaginal opening and canal by surgical operations. After the procedure carried out by talented and experienced hands, more pleasure is taken during sexual intercourse. 
In terms of price and need, this procedure is no more monopolized to the rich and the celebrities. 
Do not underestimate your vaginal problems; let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of vaginoplasty.

What is Vaginoplasty? 

The internal diameter of the vagina may increase, its opening may loosen due to aging, excessive weight changes, hormonal insufficiencies, vaginal delivery, or bad recovery of delivery incision (episiotomy incision). The purpose of vaginoplasty is to reduce the diameter of the vaginal walls by removing or restoring the excess tissue that causes loosening of the vagina that is the female genital organ. It is a reconstructive procedure planned to restructure the perineal/pelvic floor muscles by repairing the soft tissues simultaneously. In consequence of vaginoplasty, the vagina becomes aesthetically more attractive, and the pleasure received from sexual intercourse increases. 
The vaginoplasty can be carried out together with all vaginal rejuvenation procedures. In this way, the appearances of both the vagina and the labia are improved simultaneously; the pelvic floor muscles can be tightened; the hue problems can be solved with bleaching, the perineal body tissue between the vagina and the anus can be strengthened, and the voluntary control of the vagina can be achieved by increasing the muscle strength. 

How is the Vaginoplasty Operation done? 

Vaginoplasty is an operation that is done in hospital under general anesthesia and takes almost 1 hour. After the operation, the person is discharged generally immediately, or after 1 night stay in hospital. 
In vaginoplasty, the excess tissue that causes loosening of the vagina is removed or restored; the loose muscles are tightened, and the edges of the incision are approximated and sutured. In the vaginoplasty operations, the purpose is to approximate the muscles positioned on the inferior vaginal wall and constituting the pelvic floor on both sides. The suture scar remains inside; therefore, it is not possible to notice the operation scar externally.

How is the Vaginoplasty Recovery Process? 

After the vaginoplasty, the person is discharged the same day or after 1-night stay in hospital. She can go back to daily life after resting for 1-2 days. The post-vaginoplasty complications are rather rare, and the recovery process generally has high comfort level. In the first weeks (1-2 weeks), bloating accompanying a mild feeling of discomfort can be observed, and this feeling will disappear later on completely. It is necessary to limit sexual activities for 4-6 weeks to ensure full recovery of the vaginal region.
After vaginoplasty, the genital region cleaning and hygiene is very important. Since aesthetic suture is used, it will not be necessary to remove the sutures; but it is necessary to dress the region regularly for the first 2 weeks until the sutures dissolve. The suture region heals completely at the end of 1 month that follows the operation.  
After vaginoplasty, the person may have warm shower 1 day after the operation. However, it is important to wait for 1 month for the activities like swimming in pool and sea, stay away from humid places like Turkish bath, sauna for minimum 1 month, take a shower on foot instead of sitting while bathing, and protect the operation region from long contact with water. 

Am I eligible for Vaginoplasty? 

Vaginoplasty is an operation applicable to women of all ages above 18 whose general state of health is appropriate for the operation, and who complain about loss of sexual appetite, loss of sensation, vaginal noises, vaginal flatulence, and intense vaginal discharge. 

Is Vaginoplasty a Risky Operation? 

Vaginoplasty risks and complications are not different from the risks and complications of any surgery. Potential risks of vaginoplasty are almost none but bleeding and infection. However, there are rather numerous complications likely to arise when this operation is performed by physicians not sufficiently qualified in their fields, or under the unhygienic conditions. Therefore, the number one criterion to select the physician must be to select highly qualified specialists. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginoplasty and Their Answers

• Does the vagina loosen again after the operation?

If vaginoplasty has been done duly, another vaginal loosening is not expected. However, normal delivery after the operation may cause vaginal loosening again. 

• Does the operation prevent normal delivery?

Vaginoplasty and all the other vaginal aesthetic operations never prevent normal delivery. In other words, the patients can have normal delivery after these operations.

• Which doctor must be chosen for the operation?

It is important to choose a doctor educated on pelvic floor and vaginal surgery. The vaginoplasty operations are done by urogynecologists who are obstetrician-gynecologists. 



Vaginal Tightening & Firming Operation Treatment Summary

Operation Name Vaginoplasty Hospitalization Duration 0-1 night
Operation Duration 1 hour Duration for Returning to Work - Social Life 1-2 days
Anesthesia Type General-spinal When can I have sex after the operation? 4 weeks later
Convalescence Period 1-2 days Permanence of Results ? Permanent

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