It is the situation when the women cannot have pain-free sexual intercourse or, in severe cases, any sexual intercourse at all.

It is a problem suffered by one out of every 10 women, a problem observed much more frequently than thought. The possible causes of vaginismus include anatomical problems in the genital zone and hymen, sexual abuse, anxiety, fear, and erroneous sex-related perceptions. The vaginismus treatment must be customized, compatible with the degree of vaginismus, and easily adaptable by couples. Vaginismus can be treated by injecting botox into the vagina, which is an easy and fast procedure, as well as sexual therapies, special exercises, and surgical interventions targeting the cause. If you have difficulty in having sexual intercourse, if you alienate your partner by closing your legs and do not allow penis-vagina intercourse, let us solve this problem with treatments special to you.

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