What is Genital Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery?

What is Genital Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery?

It includes repair through various methods of the internal and external genital regions (private parts) deformed due to reasons such as aging, structural flaws, smoking, pregnancy, and delivery.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Doğan
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

What is Genital Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery?

It includes repair through various methods of the internal and external genital regions (private parts) deformed due to reasons such as aging, structural flaws, smoking, pregnancy, and delivery. It is applied to improve the external appearance of the vagina, repair the postpartum deformations, increase the sexual satisfaction by changing the dimensions of the genitalia, i.e. vagina tightening, and increase the sensitivity of orgasm spots to restore sexual dysfunctions. It has many names such as “Vaginal aesthetic surgery”, “Vaginal rejuvenation”, “Private parts aesthetic surgery”, “Sexual organ aesthetic surgery”, and “Genital beautification”.

What are the purposes of Genital Aesthetic procedures? They are mostly done to repair the external genital appearance, i.e. having an aesthetic appearance. They are also applied to restore the sexual functions, thus boosting the women's self-confidence, increase genital cleaning and hygiene, solve psychological problems, enable the women to feel more socially comfortable, repair the genital region deformations caused by the past deliveries, hormonal disorders, and aging, increase sexual pleasure, and gain orgasm function.

What are the genital aesthetic operations?

• Labiaplasty (Labia minora aesthetic operation) 
• Vaginoplasty (Vaginal tightening operation) 
• Episiotomy scar revision - repair 
• Perineoplasty (aesthetic operation of the ‘perineum’ region between the vagina and the anus) 
• Clitoral hoodoplasty (Repair of the skin folds on the clitoris) 
• Puboplasty (Mons Pubis aesthetic operation) 
• Labia majora augmentation (Fat and filler injection into the labia majora) 
• Labia majora reduction 
• Hymenoplasty (Permanent or temporary repair of hymen)

What are non-surgical procedures applied on the genital region?

• Laser vaginal tightening & Vaginal regeneration & Vaginal rejuvenation 
• Urinary incontinence treatments 
• Wart & condyloma treatments 
• Genital radiofrequency applications 
• Orgasm vaccine & Sexual desire and pleasure boosting procedures (Filler injections and PRP applications & O-shot ©) 
• G-spot augmentation (Filler injection into G-spot, G-shot ©) 
• Increasing the clitoral sensitivity 
• Genital bleaching treatments (Laser and mesotherapy)

Why do women need genital aesthetic procedures? What are the motivational reasons?

There is no standard perception for the ideal beauty that changes continuously on the basis of different cultural values. This relative concept also applies to the genital region. In other words, the genital region beauty concept is different for every woman.

Then, what are the motivators that prompt women to have genital region cosmetic surgery?

  • For cosmetic reasons, not content with its appearance. 
    • Feeling uncomfortable due to friction when wearing tight clothes. 
    • Feeling embarrassed as the labia minora and labia majora can be noticed externally when wearing clothes like bikini, swimsuit, tights. 
    • Feeling uncomfortable while cycling, riding a horse, playing sports.
  • Hygienic reasons such as perspiration, odor, and infection in the genital region while playing sports. 
    • Believing that their sexual organs will be cleaner. 
    • Feeling discomfort and pain during penetration of penis into vagina during sexual intercourse. 
    • Being unable to have orgasm. 
    • Being unable to feel the penis during sexual intercourse due to looseness of the vagina. 
  • Vaginal flatulence.
  • Feeling uneasy about their genital regions being seen by their partners, being unable to feel at ease in front of the partner. 
    • Feeling ashamed during sexual intercourse, loss of self-confidence, feeling incomplete and worthless. 
    • Having difficulty or feeling uncomfortable during oral sex.
  • Having sexual intercourse in the dark. 
    • Being prompted by their spouses & partners to have genital aesthetic operations.
    • Catching vaginal infections frequently. 
    • Having difficulty in urinating.

How do the genital aesthetic operations affect the sex life?

Repair of the women's external genital appearance saves them from feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, thus increasing their self-confidence in sexual intercourse. They allow a healthier sex life by increasing the sensibility during sexual intercourse for both one's self and one's partner through increasing the sensitivity of orgasm points, vaginal tightening and firming. When the correct diagnosis is established and the correct genital aesthetic procedures are applied, no adverse side effect is observed, and high benefits in respect of sexual desire and pleasure are provided. 

Can the Genital Aesthetic procedures be noticed when looking from outside? Do they leave scars?

The procedures carried out by using the correct techniques after establishing the correct diagnosis leave almost no scar at all. Most of the time, even the other physicians cannot notice. The results obtained after genital procedures are quite satisfactory.

Is there any age limit for Genital Aesthetic procedures?

  • Every woman above 18 years of age may have genital aesthetic procedures anytime she wants. 
  • The patients below 18 years of age may have such procedures with the consent of their mother and/or father if there is medical necessity. 

• There is no upper age limit to have genital aesthetic procedure.




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