Vaginal - Vulvar Rejuvenation

Laser Applications

Recently, the innovative technologies like laser have allowed to perform genital rejuvenation and beautification without the need for surgery. The laser applications are mostly used for vaginal tightening-firming and genital bleaching. The vaginal dryness and the pain it causes during sexual intercourse are reduced with laser applications. In this way, the sexual desire and sexual pleasure increase. The laser applications can be carried out without incision, scar, pain, and in short time under local anesthesia under the examination room conditions. It is possible to go back to daily routines and work immediately after the procedure.

  1. Genital aesthetic procedures carried out with laser
  • Vaginal tightening,
  • Urinary incontinence treatment,
  • Genital bleaching,
  • Genital firming,
  • Genital wart treatments.

Vulvar Bleaching

The purpose of the bleaching process is to lighten the dark skin, correct the color changes, and provide a more beautiful appearance of the genital region. Darkening of the vulva skin may be caused by aging or epilation of the vulva. Bleaching can be applied by using certain chemicals or laser device. It is possible to achieve whitening by 30-40% in a single session; and it is possible to have multiple sessions if necessary. Since it is carried out by trained and experienced healthcare personnel, it is a safe process.

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